what’s tits+united? why this name?

It’s a group of people that want to see more female+ artists succeed, and aim to support them on their journey. Considering that women are not the only gender with tits, the support shouldn’t come only from women; hence the “tits”. Our network is for everyone who would like to see women+ in arts be productive and satisfied with their progression.

what about that plus+?

We know that not all women are born in the body of a woman, or that not everyone feels completely “female” in their proper bodies. Considering the wide array of gender today, we’d like to welcome as many artists as possible into our arms.

Some women are still looking for a fair spot in our world and most are defined by what society expects of us.

This collective does not abide by these norms and expectations.


We will define ourselves not by what is expected, but by how we grow and shape as human beings naturally. We want to exist stripped away from dogmatic labels and rules, and recreate our world in whichever way we’d like. We want to establish our own understanding of female and femininity, and shape our art without it being labeled as “feminine” or “feminist”.

We strive to live and create beyond a predefined perception of womanhood that guides or labels our work.


We believe in the importance of getting together as like-minded female creatives and sharing thoughts, struggles and ideas. We aim to create a space where women who otherwise wouldn’t meet will have the opportunity to collaborate.

We will not support the female rivalry that’s set deep in our culture; it’s a thing of the past. We endeavour to cleanse ourselves from these thoughts and feelings imposed upon us by tradition. We don’t agree with stepping on other women to get to where we want to arrive in life.

The only way to challenge the bigotry that is sexism and the problems it still causes today, is to do it together. Believing in and achieving unity is the only way to gain our well deserved place in today’s society.

We are supportive to our fellow female artists and believe that together we will go further on our individual journeys and achieve more collectively.

Strong alone, stronger together.


We aim for personal and emotional growth. We’re determined to discover our art, our place in a community, and ourselves through individual and collective self-expression.

Last but never least, we believe in doing it out of love: for ourselves, our work and eachother. All that comes from love will be appreciated.

Let’s understand, explore and appreciate our explosive, creative energy together, and we will create works that inspire.